A bit about us

Lucy Stevens (she/her)

Head Brewer

Our incomparable founder/ head brewer, Lucy began brewing soon after she turned 18, using nothing but a plastic bucket, some liquid malt extract, yeast and a small plastic keg. Now with a much fancier set up, and almost a decade since her first brew, Lucy has tried her hand at a host of unusual styles, and even more unusual flavour combinations (who can forget the oak smoked cherry porter?!).

Favourite beer: Lost in the Sauce

Lizzie Stevens (she/her)

Comms and Events

Lizzie has been Lucy's partner in crime for over ten years, and the inspiration for many a brew as Lucy tries to find a beer Lizzie will actually enjoy. She is a marketing whiz, and loves to put on an event. She is also primary treat-holder for the brewery's beloved puppy, Bernie.

Favourite beer: More Berries Than Sense